I worked as a freelance science and technology journalist, based in Jerusalem, Israel, from 1994 – 2007. These are many of the articles I wrote. Some of the links might not still work!

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Chess: Man vs. Machine Plays Out Oct 21

Another Cannabis Drug Sans Buzz Mar 2

Recipe for the Next Valley Feb 4

How to Translate ‘Free’ to ‘Fee‘ Jan 2201


Israel’s Online Bridge to Arabic Dec 22 (in Portuguese click here)

Steganography, Next Generation Dec 19 (in Spanish click here)

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Computer Nov 30 (Portuguese) (Spanish)

Digi Pens: Anybody Need ‘Em? Nov 5

Tensions Stagge Mideast Start-ups Oct 3(Spanish)

Shared Files: Real or Mirage? Sep 14(Portuguese)

Moving into Sun’s JavaSpace May 17

Deconstructing Harry Connick Jr. Feb 20

Israel Discusses the ‘Inter-fada’ Jan 11

Israel’s Seminar on Cyberwar Jan 1


Keeping Three Eyes on the Road Nov 22

Gigabytes to Go Nov 11

Sharing the Streaming Burden Sept 16

Requiem For a Financial Guru Sept 15

Israeli Net Access: Not So Fast Aug 13

Giving PC’s a New Dimension May 26

Victory for Israel Hack Meet? Feb 23

Israel Pirates Live the Chai Life Feb 22

Y2Hack Under Political Attack Feb 16

Tech Topples Tower of Babel Feb 11

Tech’s New Promised Land Jan 17

Fahrenheit 451, Jerusalem Style Jan 13

No Y5.76 K Problem in Israel Jan 2



The State of Crypto 10 Dec

High-Tech: the Mideast Elixir 3 Dec

Park Those Meter Worries 22 Nov

Toward a Click-and-Pay Standard 3 Nov

Finding the Best E-Deal 25 Oct

Safe but Intrusive Passage 8 Oct

Storage System Glows Brightly 5 Oct

The Land of Milk, Honey, Water 30 Sept

Y2K Fix in the Year 5760 16 Sept

Agriculture from an Armchair 7 Sept

Tower of Babel Takes on Times17 Aug

Piracy Rampant in Israel 13 Aug

This Is a Religious Experience 12 Aug

Flaccid Flowers Bloom on Viagra 9 Aug

Cells Curse the Promised Land 26 July

Site Offers VCR Programming 101 22 Jul

Cracker Pal Turns on Analyzer 24 May

Y2K Brings Open Skies to Mideast 16 Apr

Israeli Court Freezes Sex Domain 12 Mar

Cracker indicted-suprise!10 Feb

Crossing Red C++ 2Feb


MIT Technology Review

Advertisers: Game on May 05

Supersecret Search May 05

Nanopatch April 05

Digital Clones Customise Cancer Treatment Mar05

Auto Drool Jan 05

A Gym for the Brain Dec 04

Drug Patches Advance Nov 03

Acoustic Implant Sep 2003

Driver Profiler Sep 2003

Flat-Screen 3-D June 2003

Electric Beauty April 2003

Wound Mender Feb 2003

DermaDoctor Oct 2002

CD Copy Stopper Sep 2002

Seeing Through Blood June 2002


Israeli researchers eye simple test for MS Nov 2004



Building Bridges in a Battle-scarred Land July 18, 2003


Watching Brain Waves Could Quantify Libido Jan 25 2005

Book Review: One sheep, two sheep, three sheep… Sep 6 03

Deep Jr use brains not brawn to take on Kasparov Jan 18 03


Bad Grammar Goes Up In Smoke Aug 2006

Spinning Cloth From Copper July 2006

Keeping Track of Bad Drivers Sept 2005

Tapping a Cure for Dry Mouth August 2005

Guard Dogs go High Tech June 2005

Clip and Save May 2000

Tuning in to KWEB Feb 2000

Power Centers Jan 2000

Word of Mouth Jun 1999

Trade School July 1999



Catching Every Flu Jan 23, 2006

They’re Watching You December 14th, 2005

Making Bad Smells Bearable November 14th, 2005

Eye Spy October 3rd, 2005

The New Ad Game March 21st, 2005

Look Ma, No Wires! Feb 13th, 2005

An Explosive Growth Industry Nov 29, 2004

Building Basketball Brains, Not Bodies Oct 4, 2004

DIY Diagnosis Dec 15, 2003

Road to Riches, or Ruin? Sept 22, 2003

Dream Device Sept 8, 2003

Smile, You’re on Surveillance Camera June 16, 2003

Web 2.0 for the Over 20s Nov 13

New Israeli high tech billboards aren’t magic, they are Magink, Sep 4

Israel’s EPOS gets it down in writing Aug 27

Let your PowerPoint Do The Talking June 25

Israeli res’chers stem tide of desertification May 21

Israeli ‘virtual patient engine’ designs safe clinical trials, and saves lives May 07

An Israeli Flash Drive in Every Wallet April 16

Israel’s slimming potato a hit abroad April 14

Israeli technology tracks down the loot Mar 26

Israel Concocts a Delicious New Therapy Mar 19

Ads Underfoot Mar 5, 2006

Different job interview: impressing the computer Mar 5, 2006

Israeli device lengthens stem cell cord Feb 26, 2006

Prize winner rides wave of movement ecology Feb 19, 2006

Israeli Start-Up Turns Organic Waste into Energy Jan 30, 2006

Israeli ‘clean’ solution insures water disinfected Nov 6, 2006

Predicting How You’re Going to Shop Online Aug 28, 2005

Israeli Innovation replaces Joint the Digital Way Apr4 2005

Very Big Funding for Very Small Research Feb 7, 2005

Israeli bioterror experts with the right answers Dec 12 2004

Simple blood test determine severity of MS Nov 21, 2004

New center to unravel mysteries of brain Nov 14, 2004

Going 3D the Israeli way Oct 24, 2004

Israel’s AppliCure untangles the Web Sep 26, 2004

Venture capital encountering ‘Nablus effect’ Apr 2002

Israeli companies covering security bases Mar 2002

Companies see promise in battered optics Dec 2001


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